5 Reasons Why Autumn is a Brilliant Time for a Family Photo Shoot

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After the warm summer and the start of a new school year, there’s something so magical about the crisp air on cooler days, the opportunity to wear cosy knits and coats again, and of course the beautiful colours that Mother Nature puts on display.

Autumn is also the busiest time of year for many photographers (including me!) and with good reason. It’s a wonderful time for outdoor photography, and if you’re thinking about booking a family photo shoot autumn is a brilliant time to do it.

In this article we’ll explore five reasons why autumn is such a good time for an outdoor family photo shoot.

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1. The Beautiful Autumn Colour Makes A Stunning Backdrop To Family Photographs

This one needs little explanation – after the lush green of summer, comes a beautiful display of reds, oranges and yellows.

This colourful, natural canvas adds depth and character to your family portraits. The autumn colour effortlessly brings warmth to your photographs. It is like no other time of the year, and makes a brilliant backdrop.


2. You Can Wear Bright Colours For Autumn Family Portraits

Through the spring and summer months I often recommend that families wear soft, muted colours. These colours complement the soft tones that we see in nature at these times, and make sure that your clothes don’t overpower the photographs.

But in the autumn, the natural colours around us are so vibrant, that wearing some bright colour works really well in photographs. Rich tones like mustard yellow and deep reds can really elevate your portraits.

So if you love the idea of vibrant, colourful family photographs, autumn is the perfect time to book your family photo shoot.

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3. The Weather In Autumn Makes For A Comfortable (and Beautiful!) Family Photo Shoot

Autumn bridges the time between hot summer days and the frosty winter months with cooler days that aren’t too cold and sunny days that aren’t too hot!

The mild, pleasant weather usually makes it very comfortable for everyone to spend time outdoors. And this makes for a relaxed photo shoot without any worries about little people being too hot or too cold.

This pleasant weather also brings beautiful, soft light.

With the sun sitting lower in the sky, you get that golden hour feeling all day long. This natural filter brings a lovely warmth and softness to your photographs, giving us another reason why autumn is such a good time to update your family photographs.

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4. Having A Family Photo Shoot In Autumn Can Be Fun!

What’s more fun than jumping into a pile of fallen leaves? Or searching for acorns and conkers?

In autumn, these simple joys become excellent photo opportunities and fun games that help to keep children entertained throughout the session.

One of my favourite games to play on an autumn family photo shoot is to have a leaf throwing competition. The laughter and excitement this generates translates into fun, relaxed photographs for you to treasure.

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5. Autumn Family Portraits Make Wonderful Christmas Gifts

Autumn is the perfect time to plan ahead for Christmas, and the family photographs from your session can make lovely Christmas gifts! 

Happy, relaxed photographs of your children in the autumn colour are bound to be popular gifts, and a family photo shoot in the autumn means you can get your Christmas shopping sorted early.

And best of all, working with a professional photographer means you can tap into their expertise in printing, framing and gift ideas. So they can take care of all of this for you. 

My autumn mini sessions include five prints from your session delivered to your door – stress-free Christmas shopping sorted!

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Ready To Book Your Autumn Family Photo Shoot?

So there you have it, the reasons why autumn is a wonderful time for outdoor family photography.

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