When To Book Your Newborn Photo Shoot

when to book newborn photos

So you’re thinking about booking a newborn photo shoot? That’s great news.

I imagine you’re either expecting a baby or have recently had one so let me start by wishing you congratulations!

You might be wondering when the best time to book your newborn photo shoot is. After all, if you’re not entirely sure when your baby will arrive, how can you book a photo shoot for them? 

In this guide I’ll explain why it’s best to schedule newborn sessions in advance, and the best time to get in touch to book your shoot.

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When Is the Best Time For A Newborn Photo Shoot?

Before looking at when to book your shoot, it might be helpful to explain when the best time to take newborn photographs is.

I specialise in posed newborn photography, and for this style of photography the ideal window for the shoot is when your baby is aged between 5 and 14 days old.

There are two reasons for this; first because babies are typically very sleepy during the first two weeks after their birth.

And secondly because during the first two weeks most babies enjoy being in the ‘curly’ fetal position that they were in in the womb. 

These two things make the sleepy, curly newborn poses comfortable for your baby and mean they’re likely to be settled and relaxed throughout the shoot.

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When To Book Your Newborn Photo Shoot

With all this in mind the best time to book your newborn photo shoot is before your baby is born. You can book your session with me any time after your 12 week scan.

As the vast majority of babies aren’t born on their due date, you might be wondering how on earth you can book your shoot before your baby is born. How can you know when the 14 day window will be?

When you book we won’t actually set a date for your session, unless you do know exactly when your baby will be born – for example if you’re having a planned c-section. 

Instead I make a note of your due date and ask you to contact me as soon as you can after your baby’s birth. At this point we’ll set a date for your session to make sure we catch the 5-14 day window.

I only take a small number of bookings for newborn sessions each month. This means I can keep my diary nice and flexible and work to your baby’s actual birth date rather than their estimated due date.

when to book newborn photos

My Baby Is Already Here! Is It Too Late To Book?

Lots of families first start to think about a newborn shoot once their baby is born. And if you find yourself in this position you’re certainly not alone. 

If your baby has already been born please get in touch to check last minute availability. I may be able to squeeze you in if other babies have arrived a little earlier or later than planned.

If your baby is already past the ‘two week window’ you don’t have to miss out. I regularly photograph ‘older newborn’ babies and also offer an Older Newborn Session which focusses on the newborn photographs that are suitable for babies aged up to 8 weeks.

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Ready To Book? Here’s What Happens Next…

To book your newborn session please fill in this form letting me know you’d like to book and your estimated due date or your baby’s birth date if they’ve already been born.

I’ll get back to you within 24 hours to confirm availability.

Once we’ve checked availability I’ll send you a booking form and an invoice for the session fee. You can complete the form and pay the session fee online – by credit or debit card or bank transfer.

Once you return the form and pay the session fee your booking is confirmed. 

Between then and your session I’ll send you lots of information to help you prepare for a relaxed, enjoyable session. And closer to the date we’ll speak on the phone to run through all the final details.

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