What To Wear For Spring Family Photos

spring family photo shoot surreySpring is a really wonderful time of the year for outdoor photographs – the blossom, daffodils and magnolia make a beautiful backdrop, and the weather makes being outside for longer periods enjoyable again.

If you’ve booked a spring time family photo shoot, one of the first things you might want to ask is “what should we all wear?” This is the one question that every family I photograph has, and it’s completely understandable. After all, you’re investing in having some gorgeous new photographs taken, and might want to hang them on the walls at home.  It’s only natural that you’ll want to make sure that everyone looks their best.

So, how do you choose which colours and clothes to wear? In this article I’ll cover:

  • How to choose your outfits for spring family photos
  • What colours to wear for spring family photos
  • The colours you should avoid in spring family photos
  • What to wear on cooler spring days instead of a coat

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what to wear for spring family photos

Choosing outfits for your spring family photo shoot

Regardless of the season the basics of dressing for a photo shoot still apply, and I wrote about these in my guide to what to wear for an outdoor family photo shoot. In summary, the basic principles are:

  1. Dress for your environment
  2. Dress everyone for the same weather and occasion
  3. Choose 3-4 colours to build everyone’s outfits around
  4. Embrace layers and textures
  5. Avoid pictures and slogans on clothing
  6. Make sure your children’s clothes fit well

Read the full article here: What to Wear for an Outdoor Family Photography Session.

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What Colours To Wear For Spring Family Pictures

Perhaps the most challenging part of choosing every family member’s outfits is the colours. I recommend choosing a maximum of 3-4 complementary colours to base everyone’s outfits on. This doesn’t mean that everyone has to wear every colour – the aim is for the whole family’s outfits to complement each other, but not match.

In the spring I find that a soft, light colour palette works best – softer colours will complement the light colours of spring flowers, but won’t be too overpowering. Here are some examples of how you could coordinate soft and light colours together for your family:

what to wear for spring family photos



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Colours to avoid in spring family photos

During the spring I recommend avoiding bold colours, and black. If you think about the soft colour palette that mother nature provides in the spring, bright, bold colours and black will overpower that softness and mean that we see clothes before people.

Avoid bold colours, black and neon for a more natural, and cohesive look.


Choose layers instead of coats

In early spring the days can sometimes be cool, even when the sun is shining.

Before you grab everyone’s coats, and cover up the gorgeous outfits you’ve chosen I recommend considering layers instead.

An extra vest or t-shirt underneath your outfits, and cardigans, gilets, jackets or scarves on top can add interest and depth to your photographs that a coat probably won’t. Most families also find that their coats don’t coordinate well and that they’re better able to coordinate colours using layers instead.


Summary: What to wear for spring family photos

I hope that you find this guide helpful as you prepare for your spring family photo shoot. In summary, here are the principles to follow:

  1. Choose 3-4 complementary colours to build your family’s outfits from
  2. Stick to a soft, light colour palette
  3. Avoid bold colours, neon and black
  4. Choose layers rather than coats on cooler spring days

You may also find it helpful to see real-life examples of what works when you’re deciding what to wear:

  • You can see some great examples of how families have co-ordinated their outfits over in my portfolio.
  • And finally, you can find more outfit inspiration over on my ‘What to Wear’ Pinterest board:

Follow Clare’s board on Pinterest.

Over to you

What other questions do you have about spring time photo shoots? Let me know in the comments below, or send me a message here and I will get back to you.

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