What Should My Baby Wear For A Newborn Photo Shoot?

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When you’ve booked your newborn photo shoot, you may be wondering whether you need to then go out and buy something for your baby to wear during the shoot.

The answer is, that you don’t need to bring anything special for your baby to wear to the shoot. As you’ve probably seen from my portfolio, and the other pages on my website, I have a very natural style and I use a lot of blankets and special wraps to photograph your baby. I provide all of those at the studio so there’s no need for you to bring anything with you.

Now, in terms of what to dress your baby in before the shoot, it can be really helpful if you can just dress them in a front-fastening sleepsuit with no vest underneath.

The reason for this is that sometimes when babies arrive, they’re already in a nice deep sleep, particularly if they’ve been in the car. Or they might fall asleep if you’re feeding them when you arrive. Then, when we start to undress them, and try and take vests over their head, we’re probably going to wake them up. So dressing them in just a nappy and a sleepsuit on top, that I can undo easily from the front with zips or buttons, is really the ideal thing for your baby to wear when they come to the photo shoot.

I hope you found this short video useful as you think about how to prepare for your newborn session. If you have any other questions about getting ready for your shoot, please do get in touch. If you’ve got any more questions about preparing for your shoot, please do get in touch. You can email megive me a call, or send me a message via my website.

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Clare Murthy

Clare Murthy

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