Photography Activities For Your Children To Try At Home

photography activities for children to try at home

Is it really only a week since the schools closed, and lockdown began? I don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly been on a steep learning curve this week – from figuring out how we ‘do’ home learning, to balancing work with no childcare, and managing the constant stream of cooking, cleaning and laundry that having everyone at home all of the time seems to generate.

If you’re anything like me, you might be going into week two on the look out for new activities that grab your children’s attention, and give you a few minutes to catch up on everything else.

In this post you’ll find links to all of my photography activities for children. Depending on your child’s age they may be able to get on with them alone, or may need a bit of help. Either way I hope they give you a little respite from everything else that’s going on.

The links below will take you directly to each guide. You’ll also find an overview of each activity below.

Photography activities children

Getting Your Children Started With Taking Photographs

This guide guide looks at how you can get your children started in photography. From choosing a camera, and helping them improve their composition, to printing and storing their new creations.

Although we look at choosing a camera for your child, it really isn’t necessary for your child to have their own camera. If you’re happy for them to use it, the camera on your phone is perfectly good enough.

Read it here:Getting your children started with taking photographs

A Photography Scavenger Hunt For Children

As the name suggests, this article is a guide to setting up a photography scavengerhunt for your children. Rather than collecting items in the scavenger hunt, your child will collect photographs of items instead.

The article includes a list of things for your children to find, and tips for encouraging fun and creativity.

Read it here:A photography scavenger hunt for children

Create Fun Silhouette Portraits With Your Children

This step-by-step guide explains how you can create black and white silhouette portraits with your children, like the one below. This one will probably require your involvement, unless you have a teenager you can delegate to. It’s a lovely way to experiment with photography though.

Read it here:Create fun silhouette portraits with your children

More Photography Activities For Your Kids

This article includes two new photography activities that you can do at home and one that you have to go to a gallery for, which obviously we can’t do for a little while. It also includes the scavenger hunt and silhouette activities.

The two new activities are creating fun aerial portraits, and a ‘picture an hour’ project, which could be a lovely way to record this different time in your family life.

Read it here: 5 photography activities to do with your kids.

Over To You

I hope that you and your children have fun trying some of these activities out, and I’d love to see the pictures you create! If you share them on Facebook or Instagram please do tag me. You can find me on Facebook here, or find me on Instagram here.

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