Which Is More Important In Posed Newborn Photography, A Baby’s Size Or Age?

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I’m often contacted by parents who have missed the ideal window for newborn photographs, but ask me if we can have a session anyway because their baby is still small.

On the other hand, when families have a baby who has an above average birth weight, they sometimes worry that their baby will be too big to have a session.

So which is more important when it comes to posed newborn photography, a baby’s size or baby’s age?

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Does A Baby’s Size Matter In Posed Newborn Photography?

Over the years I’ve photographed hundreds of newborn babies, and in my experience a baby’s size doesn’t make a big difference to what we capture.

The biggest factor is sleepiness, and this is usually linked to a baby’s age.


Why Does Sleep Matter In Posed Newborn Photography?

To create the curly, posed photographs you see in my newborn photography portfolio, babies need to be relaxed and settled, and often the only time this happens is when they are asleep – most young babies are not relaxed and awake for long periods of time.

Further to this, for some of the poses in newborn photography, it is much safer to have your baby in these positions when they are in a deep, relaxed sleep. Newborn babies (actually, all babies!) are very wriggly when they are awake and could push themselves over or roll when they are in these poses if they are awake.

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Why A Baby’s Age Is So Important In Posed Newborn Photography

So now we know that sleep is a big factor in posed newborn photography. Where does age come into it?

The reason why age is so important in newborn photography, is that during the first two weeks after birth babies typically sleep deeply and sleep a lot (although I know from experience that it doesn’t always feel this way as a new parent!)

This deep sleep is exactly what we need to capture those curly, sleepy photographs and that’s why the first two weeks are the best time for a newborn photo shoot.

Another benefit of having the photo shoot in these early weeks is that babies typically love to be curled up at this stage. It’s not uncommon for them to sleep with their legs tucked into their chest, just in the way they would have been in the womb.

This makes the newborn poses comfortable and enjoyable for them at this stage – it’s what they’re doing naturally during this time.

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If I’ve Missed The Two Week Window Is It Too Late For Newborn Photos?

You may have started reading this article because your baby is more than two weeks old, but still small.

So is it too late to have your baby photographed and capture this precious newborn stage?

It might not be!

Although up to two weeks is the ideal time for a newborn session, I also offer an older newborn session for babies aged 2-8 weeks. This session is especially designed to cater for the fact that your baby will be more alert and awake, and less ‘curly’ than they were in the first two weeks.

In these sessions we focus on photographing your baby in the sleep poses that will be comfortable for them at this slightly older age, and on capturing them awake.

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Over To You

I hope that this article has helped to explain why age is more important than size when it comes to newborn photography.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave me a message in the comments.

To find out more about booking your baby’s newborn session with me, click on the link below:

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