4 Must-Take Baby Photos at 3 Months Old

must take baby photos at 3 monthsYour baby is 3 months old, and suddenly no longer a tiny newborn! No doubt you’ll still be taking photographs of them every day and will want to capture every little moment.

At 3 months there are some special milestones to document. Your baby will have their own expressions and responses, and be developing their own little personality. Here are 4 photo opportunities not to miss.


Smiles and expressions

At three months you’ll start to see some lovely, natural smiles and expressions from your baby (and not just the gas-induced smiles!) Be sure to capture these!

To capture the baby above I stood right over her – this way she could look right into my camera whilst lying on her back.

Safety first! If you do stand above your baby do make sure that your camera strap is around your neck so that you don’t accidentally drop it on them, and always stand on a solid surface – for example lie your baby on a blanket on the floor and keep your feet firmly on the floor as you take the photograph.

must take baby photos at 3 months

Tummy time

At this age your baby may be more comfortable on their tummy, and may even be able to lift their head as their neck control improves. No doubt you’ll have lots and lots of photographs of them on their back by now, so try something new and take some photographs of them on their tummy.

If your baby needs a little extra support you can use a small cushion to help them support themselves. Our playmat came with a little cushion for tummy time, and feeding pillows can also make an excellent support.

must take baby photos at 3 months

Tiny details

As your baby grows, so do all of their little features – hands, feet, fingers and toes. No doubt they are a little more chubby than they were at the newborn stage and this is a great time to document these little details.

When you’re taking these photographs, focus in on the hands and feet so you can see all of the little details. If your camera has a macro setting you may find this helps you to capture all of the detail. If you’re using your phone camera, be sure to take advantage of the focus settings to keep your image sharp.

must take baby photos at 3 months

Favourite toys and books

By now you may have some favourite toys and books that you play with or read to your baby. Do include these in the photographs too – before you know it your three month old will be a toddler, and these baby toys will be long forgotten.

These photographs will also make a lovely record of your favourite books at each stage of the first year. If you document baby with your favourite books at 6, 9 and 12 months too you’ll have a lovely set of memories to look back on.

Finally, if your baby has one soft toy that they always sleep with / have close by take a photograph of them with it – similar to the books you can create a series of photos of baby with the soft toy every three months.


Over to you

I hope that these tips help you to capture some gorgeous photographs of your 3 month old baby. 

If  you’d prefer to invest in some professional baby photographs, this article explains the best times to have your baby photographed during their first year:

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You can find out about my photo shoots for babies here.

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