6 Month Baby Photos – Five Moments You Must Capture

6 month baby photos At six months old your baby will have developed their own little personality. Around this time, they’ll learn to sit unaided and have lots of wonderful expressions to share.

This is a great time to capture a set of milestone photographs – pictures that capture all of those new skills your baby has developed and record how your baby has grown.

In this article I’m going to share five moments not to miss at 6 months. You can find my must-take baby photos for 3 month old babies here.


Sitting Up

Your baby’s favourite new trick will be sitting up unaided around this age. They may tire quickly at first, so set up your camera, and clear space where they can sit down beforehand. Then, when they’re well fed and rested sit your baby in the space you’ve created and snap away.

Do talk to your baby as you are photographing so that you can capture some of those gorgeous expressions they make.

must take 6 month baby photos

On Their Tummy

By now your baby will be pushing themselves up when they’re on their tummy and may even be trying to crawl! This is a great time to capture them as they experiment and explore their immediate surroundings.

As you photograph your baby on their tummy do try experimenting with angles to capture different perspectives – the photograph you take when you’re down at their level will be very different to one you take from above.

Must Take 6 Month Baby Photos
On Their Back

Babies are great fun to watch when they’re lying on their backs at this age. Almost all of them will end up playing with their feet, which is wonderful to capture!

Sit back quietly and see what your baby does and how they entertain themselves. It should make for some lovely photographs.

Must Take 6 Month Baby Photos

The Tiny Details

As I discussed in my post about must take photographs at 3-months old, the tiny details such as baby’s hands and feet are also wonderful to capture. And you’ll be able to see just how much your baby has grown when you compare the photographs of their feet and hands from 3 months to 6 months.

Must Take 6 Month Baby Photos

Favourite Toys and Books

As at 6-months, capturing your baby with their favourite toys and books will create a wonderful memory of what they enjoyed at this age. If you capture these photographs regularly you’ll have a record of what your baby enjoyed through their first year, Perhaps it’s the book you always read at bedtime, a favourite teddy or both.


Over to You

I hope that these tips help you to capture some gorgeous photographs of your 6 month old baby.

If  you’d prefer to invest in some professional baby photographs, now is the ideal time to do it. Between 6 and 10 months of age, when your baby can confidently sit up but isn’t yet crawling is one of the best times for a baby photo shoot. Your baby will happily engage with the camera, show us all of the gorgeous expressions, but won’t get frustrated because they want to crawl away. You can find out about my photo shoots for babies here.


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