Will It Be Too Late To Have A Newborn Photo Shoot After Lockdown?

Will It Be Too Late For A Newborn Photo Shoot After Lockdown

Almost everyone’s life has been turned upside down by Coronavirus at the moment, but if you’re expecting a baby or have recently had one, chances are you’re feeling it more than most.

Whilst lots of services have been taken online – from midwife appointments to hypnobirthing classes – there are some things that have to be done in person including a professional newborn photo shoot.

So what happens if you’ve missed out on a newborn photo shoot because of lockdown and social distancing? Have your chances of some gorgeous, studio photographs of your baby disappeared?

The good news is that you do have options, and you don’t need to miss out on beautiful photographs of your baby completely. In this article I’ll explain the different options you have so that you can decide which option or combination of options is best for you. The options are: 

  1. Take your own newborn photographs at home
  2. Book an older newborn photo shoot
  3. Book a lifestyle photo shoot at home
  4. Book a session for when your baby is 6 months old

Take Your Own Newborn Photos At Home

Typically, the best time for a posed newborn photo shoot is when your baby is less than two weeks old. Firstly, because babies tend to be more settled and sleepy during this time, but also because they often still love being curled up in the foetal position and so are comfortable being placed in those curly newborn poses.

Whilst you can’t come to my studio for your photo shoot during this two week window you can take some simple but beautiful photographs of your baby at home. This means you can still remember those early days, and have some lovely photographs to share online with all of your family and friends who can’t meet your baby in person yet.

Prefer to read?You can find the written tutorial here.

Book An Older Newborn Photo Shoot

It breaks my heart that so many families are missing out on their newborn photo shoot because of the social distancing measures. Babies grow and change so quickly, and photographs of them in the newborn stage are so precious to have.

With this in mind I’ve decided to offer a special session for older newborn babies aged up to 8 weeks. These sessions capture a set of beautiful, natural baby and family portraits so you can remember this squishy newborn phase forever. 

Read about Older Newborn Photo Shoots and book here.


Book a Lifestyle Photo Shoot At Home To Take Place After Restrictions Are Lifted

Choosing to have a lifestyle photo shoot at home gives you more flexibility with dates than a posed shoot in the studio offers.

In a lifestyle shoot your baby won’t usually be posed in the way that they are in posed newborn photography, but instead the shoot will focus on your baby within their home environment, and capturing the rest of the family’s connection with the new baby. This means that there is more flexibility in your baby’s age at the time of the shoot; I offer lifestyle shoots at home at any point in your baby’s first year.

This video from one of my at-home sessions shows you the kind of photographs you can expect from a lifestyle session with an older newborn baby.

You can read about Baby At Home sessions and get in touch with me to book your session here.

Book a Baby Milestone Session For When Your Baby Is 6 Months Old

After the newborn stage, the most popular time for a baby photo shoot is around the age of 6 to 10 months. During this window babies will usually be able to sit up comfortably but aren’t yet crawling. This means that they’re usually at their chubbiest (crawling burns off lots of those baby rolls) and they don’t get frustrated because they want to crawl away. 

It’s a wonderful age to photograph babies at – they’re oozing personality, have lots of smiles and fun expressions. They’re also at peak squishyness which makes for gorgeous photos!

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You can read about Baby Milestone Sessions and get in touch with me to book here.

Over To You

If you’ve recently welcomed a new baby into your family or are due to soon, I imagine that things are not quite as you expected right now. You may be feeling disappointed that you’ve missed out on your newborn photo shoot. I hope that the options in this article give you some reassurance that you don’t need to miss out on gorgeous photographs of your baby completely – the solution might just be a little different to the one you expected.

If you have any questions about which option is best for your family please do get in touch. I’d love to hear from you. You can email me at clare@claremurthy.com

Clare Murthy

Clare Murthy

I’m a newborn, baby and family photographer working with families from South West London and Surrey. I specialise in timeless, natural photography with no props or unnatural posing. I photograph babies at my studio, and families in beautiful outdoor locations. I'm based on the Surrey / London border, close to Hampton Court.
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