Is Two Weeks Too Old For Posed Newborn Photos?is two weeks too old for newborn photos?

One of the first things you tend to learn when you start looking into booking a newborn photo shoot is that there is an optimum time for the shoot to take place. 

For most photographers this is within the first 14 days after your baby is born. For others the window may be as small as 10 days. 

And if, like many families, you’ve only started looking for a photographer after your baby’s birth you may find that you can’t book a shoot until your baby is a little older than 14 days.

So is a two week old baby too old for posed newborn photography?

In this article I’ll explain:

  • Why the two week window is preferred for posed newborn photography
  • Why it may be possible to have a posed newborn photo shoot when your baby is more than 2 weeks old
  • The options I offer for babies aged 2 weeks and over


is two weeks too old for a newborn photo shoot?

Why Is The Two Week Window Preferred For Posed Newborn Photography?

During a baby’s first two weeks of life they’re typically very sleepy and settled. They’re also flexible and enjoy curling up into the foetal positions they were in inside the womb. 

This means they’re usually settled and relaxed during their newborn session, and comfortable in many different newborn photography poses.

After two weeks, babies typically start to spend longer periods awake, uncurl, stretch out and grow larger. As these changes happen the likelihood increases that a baby may not be able to manage all of the poses, and may spend long periods of time during the session awake.


19 day old newborn baby photography

Is Two Weeks Too Late For Newborn Photos?

Despite this, it is still possible to create beautiful photographs of babies over 14 days old, and I often photograph babies who are between two and three weeks old. 

Sometimes this is because mums or babies need a bit more time to recover after the birth. Other times it’s because families haven’t contacted me to book their shoot until after their baby has been born and it’s the earliest date I can offer them.

Typically I find that between weeks 2 and 3 it is still possible to complete a full newborn session. In fact, the baby in all of the photographs in this article was 19 days old when I photographed him.


london newborn photographer clare murthy

What’s Different About A Photo Shoot With A Baby Aged Over Two Weeks?

All babies are different, and every day with a new baby can be different to the last. And after 14 days you may find a few differences in your photo shoot.

Although I find that it’s usually possible to complete a full shoot with a baby aged between 2 and 3 weeks old, the shoot may take longer than usual as babies are usually more alert and spend longer periods awake by this age. 

Occasionally, some babies may not be comfortable in all of the newborn photography poses. If we find that this is the case for your baby I’ll discuss it with you and take some different photographs instead.

london newborn photographer

This Baby’s Newborn Shoot At 19 Days Old

As I mentioned before, this baby was 19 days old when I photographed him.

He was quite alert at the start of his shoot, and took a little while to settle to sleep. However once he had fallen asleep I was able to work through the full session and capture some lovely memories of him at this age for his family.

19 day old baby newborn photo shoot

Is A Newborn Photo Shoot Still Possible Beyond Three Weeks?

After three weeks your baby will likely be even more alert, spend longer periods of time awake, and will spend more time with their limbs stretched out. As with babies aged over two weeks this means that your shoot may take longer, and your baby may not be comfortable in all of the positions.

For this reason I offer a special Older Newborn Photo Shoot for families who have missed the ‘optimum’ window. During these sessions I’ll spend half the time photographing their newborn baby in poses that are suitable for older babies, and half the time taking family photographs.

So whilst there is a small window for posed newborn portraits, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out completely on beautiful photographs of your baby.

19 day old newborn photos

Next Steps

As you’re researching photographers you’ll probably find that some photographers do photograph older newborns and others like to stick strictly to the 14 or 10 day window. 

If I have space in my diary I’m very happy to photograph newborns up to 3 weeks or so in an older newborn session, and for families who have older babies I offer an Older Newborn Photo Shoot.

I hope that this article has reassured you that if you did miss the 14 day window for a photo shoot with your baby you still have options.

If you have any questions about having your baby photographed or are ready to book your session please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

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Clare Murthy

I’m a newborn, baby and family photographer working with families from South West London and Surrey. I specialise in timeless, natural photography with no props or unnatural posing. I photograph babies at my studio, and families in beautiful outdoor locations. I'm based on the Surrey / London border, close to Hampton Court.
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