Five Ways to Display Your Family Photos on a Narrow Wall

five ideas for displaying family photographs on a narrow wall

If you’re anything like me, you probably think that there’s nothing better than having the walls of your home filled with pictures of the people you love.

There’s something wonderful about looking up, and being reminded of a happy time, or seeing the smiling face of someone you love looking back at you.

But what happens when you start to run out of wall space? Or have an awkward, narrow wall to fill?

In this article I’ll share five simple, but impactful ideas for that narrow space.


Choosing Family Photographs To Display At Home

Before we dive into how to display your images, it may be helpful to share some principles for choosing which pictures to display on  any wall in your home, narrow or not.

When you’re choosing a photograph to display on your wall, it will look much more polished and considered if you make sure that it complements the space.

To do this, you can think about the colour of the walls, and the colour and style of furniture in the room. Look for a photograph that has similar tones and style to create the most considered, impactful effect.

Similarly, when you have more than one photograph on display (for example in a gallery wall) I recommend considering whether the photographs complement each other as well as complementing the space.

Look for photographs with similar tones and colours, just as you might when displaying paintings next to each other.

One easy, but impactful way to display photographs from different places and times alongside each is to choose only black and white images. This immediately gives a cohesive look to the display. 

I used this black and white trick for the gallery wall in my kitchen, which you can see in the photograph below. Eight years on it’s still going strong and because the images are all black and white, it’s easy to swap pictures in and out as the years pass.

How to create a gallery wall with your family photographs


Five Ideas For Displaying Family Photographs On A Narrow Wall

Now that we’ve covered some introductory principles, here are five different ways that you can fill a narrow space with your family photographs:


Idea One – Go Big, And Display One Large Portrait

Displaying one big portrait on your narrow wall makes an impact without making the wall look too busy. 

Choose a portrait-oriented photograph that really speaks to you – maybe one that captures a special family moment or one that always makes you smile when you see it.

display one large portrait on a narrow wall


Idea Two – Stack Two Landscape Frames

Stacking frames one above the other is a neat trick to elongate your wall and make it look taller, whilst also making an impact.


Idea Three – Mix And Match Different Frame Sizes

Fill your narrow space with photographs, by creating a mini gallery wall.

One thing that can really help here, before you buy any frames or print any photographs, is to cut frame sized templates out of newspaper, and stick them up on the wall to see how different arrangements with different sized frames look.

Once you’ve found the arrangement that you like, choose which images will go in each frame, and have them all printed and framed in the correct size.

A series of picture ledges, one above the other, can be a really impactful way to display your family photos. 

Mix it up with different-sized frames and sprinkle in some decorative bits. You can get creative with how you arrange everything, making it uniquely yours.

You can find some inspiration for this kind of display, over on my Picture Ledge Inspiration Pinterest Board.


Idea Five – Keep It Neat With A Symmetrical Grid

For a clean and polished look, line up identical frames in a symmetrical grid.

This is a really impactful way to display your photographs, as well as being quite easy to pull off!

More Tips For Displaying Family Photographs At Home

I hope that you’ve found these ideas helpful as you decide how to fill your narrow space.

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