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Whether you exercised regularly before you became pregnant, or are thinking about taking it up you’ve probably started to do some research into your options. You might be wondering which exercises are recommended in pregnancy, whether they’re safe for your baby, and whether there are any local classes that you can fit around your work or family commitments.

Whilst you might find you have to make some changes to your usual routine when you discuss it with your doctor or midwife, there are also specialist exercise classes tailored to pregnant women; from pre-natal pilates to aqua and aerobics based classes.

In this article I’m comparing the top 3 pregnancy pilates classes near Molesey and Thames Ditton, so that you can see what’s on offer, and make an informed decision about what’s right for you. The 3 classes I’m comparing are:

  • Boco
  • Surbiton Pilates
  • Pilates with Liezel

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How can Pilates Benefit Me In Pregnancy?

According to the Tommy’s website Pilates aims to “improve balance, strength, flexibility and posture.” 

There isn’t much research about how pilates can be beneficial in pregnancy, but “it could help your body cope with carrying the extra weight of your growing baby, as well as preparing you for childbirth and recovering afterwards.”

You can read more about pilates in pregnancy on the Tommy’s website here.

How can I choose a good mat pilates class?

All of the pre natal pilates classes I’ve reviewed are mat classes, rather than apparatus classes. According to the NHS, when you’re choosing a mat pilates class you should look at the group size, and the qualifications of the teacher.

The NHS guide to pilates recommends choosing a group with a maximum of 12 students, to ensure the teacher can give you enough attention.

It goes onto explain that anybody can call themselves a pilates teacher, so when you are choosing a class you should consider the teacher’s “experience and the quality of their training, as well as personality and rapport.”

You can find out more about choosing a pilates class in the NHS guide to pilates here.

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The Rules – How This Review Works

The aim of this article is to provide you with unbiased information about the top four pregnancy pilates classes near Molesey and Thames Ditton, so before we dive in it may be helpful to explain my process.

The ‘top three’ classes that I’ve reviewed are the pregnancy pilates classes that rank highest on a Google search for ‘pregnancy pilates Molesey Thames Ditton.’ This doesn’t include paid-for Google Ads.

I have to say that there are not many specialist, local, pregnancy pilates classes listed on Google, and a lot of the search results were not relevant. I excluded results for:

  • Moving Body, Purebody by Adele, and Dore Pilates as I could not find information about prenatal or pregnancy pilates on their websites. 
  • Pregnancy yoga classes and antenatal classes
  • Directories such as Pilates Near You, as these are just listings of classes and don’t tell us anything about them.

I’m not affiliated with any of the courses in any way, and have no interest in promoting one over the other. The aim is simply to provide a side by side comparison of each class.

To keep things consistent I’ll be reviewing each course based on the following six factors:

  • Where the classes take place
  • When the classes run
  • How many weeks pregnant you can start practising from
  • Who teaches each course, and their qualifications
  • Price
  • Google review ratings

Now that I’ve explained the process, let’s dive in and look at each class.


BoCo is a yoga and pilates studio based in Surbiton. They offer general pilates and yoga classes, some of which are suitable for pregnant women. They also offer specialist prenatal classes. In this review I’ll focus only on the prenatal pilates class.

Here are the key facts about the BoCo prenatal pilates class:

  • BoCo’s studio is at 6 Electric Parade, Surbiton, Surrey. KT6 5NT
  • At the time of writing the pregnancy pilates classes take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7pm. Each class lasts 55 minutes.
  • You can start the classes from 13 weeks of pregnancy.
  • The classes are taught by Leena Knight, a qualified APPI mat-pilates instructor, and Diana Robertson who has classic pilates training.
  • BoCo describes itself as a ‘membership organisation’ and pre-natal membership costs £40. You then pay for your classes, and there are different costs depending on whether you pay as you go, buy a 6 class pass, a monthly pass or annual pass. 
  • BoCo has a 5 star rating from 2 Google reviews

Visit the BoCo website here

Surbiton Pilates Studio

Surbiton pilates studio describes itself as offering classical pilates instruction, and offers a weekly pre and postnatal mat pilates class. 

Here are the key facts about the prenatal pilates class at Surbiton Pilates Studio:

  • The studio address is 34a Victoria Road, Surbiton, Surrey. KT6 4JL
  • The Pre and Post natal mat class is on Tuesday evenings from 6.15pm-7pm.
  • The website does not state how many weeks of pregnancy that you can practise from, but says that the pre and post natal class “is for clients who have previous Pilates Experience, are in good general health and have Doctor’s permission.”
  • The class is taught by Kathy Kauffman. Kathy isn’t listed in the ‘meet the team’ section of the website so I couldn’t find out about her qualifications.
  • A drop-in class costs £15. You can buy a bundle of 10 mat classes for £135.
  • Surbiton Pilates Studio has a 5 star rating from 5 Google reviews

Visit the Surbiton Pilates Studio website here

Pilates with Liezel

Pilates with Liezel offers two prenatal pilates classes each week, as well as offering private sessions.

Here are the key facts about Pilates with Liezel’s prenatal classes:

  • The website shows that Liezel’s general and post-natal pilates classes take place in both East Molesey and New Malden. However, there is no information about the location of the prenatal classes.
  • The prenatal classes take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6pm-7pm.
  • There’s no information on the website about when you can start the classes during your pregnancy.
  • The classes are taught by Liezel, who is a qualified mat pilates teacher. She completed her training with the Body Arts and Science Institute, and has also completed further training in pregnancy and post natal pilates.
  • A block of 3 group classes costs £40 and a block of 6 classes costs £75.
  • Pilates with Liezel doesn’t have any Google reviews.

Visit the Pilates with Liezel website here

Over to you

Going to a prenatal exercise classes was something I’ve loved doing during both of my pregnancies. Aside from all of the benefits to my physical and mental health, it was also a great way to meet other mums-to-be.

I’d love to hear how you got on if you take any of these classes. Or perhaps you attended a different type of prenatal exercise and would like to share your experience. You can let me know in the comments below.

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