Which is the Best Month for Spring Family Photos?

Spring family photography in London by Clare MurthySpring is a really popular time for outdoor family photo shoots – and with good reason. Blossom, magnolia, daffodils, bluebells and much more give us a wonderful backdrop at this time of year.

But since it’s unlikely that they’ll all bloom at once, when is the best time to have a family photo shoot during the spring?

The short answer is that it depends. Mother Nature doesn’t let us in on her exact timetable, and of course there are variations each year, and variations by location. But here in Surrey and London March, April and May will usually all have some spring flowers to offer. Here’s an overview of what we might see in bloom when….

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But since it's unlikely that they'll all bloom at once, when is the best time to have a family photo shoot during the spring?

When Do Daffodils Bloom In Surrey and London?

When daffodils bloom depends on their variety, and we can see some daffodils bloom very early in the year – I spotted some locally in January this year! But the majority of blooms will be seen during March and can continue into April.

What’s The Best Time For A Blossom Photo Shoot?

Beautiful boughs of blossom can make a great backdrop to photographs. When the blossom blooms depends on the weather, and their variety which means that you may not see all of the trees in bloom at the same time.

Certain varieties of blossom will start to bloom from mid-late March. Cherry blossom will bloom during April, and others can continue into early May.

But since it's unlikely that they'll all bloom at once, when is the best time to have a family photo shoot during the spring?

Magnolia As A Backdrop For Spring Family Portraits

I love the sight of a Magnolia tree during the spring, and we are lucky to have quite a few on our doorstep, including a beautiful one in the gardens of Hampton Court Palace. Many varieties of Magnolia actually flower later in the year – during the summer, but deciduous magnolia blooms in the spring. It’s difficult to find information about when you can expect the magnolia to flower during the spring, but last year our local trees were in bloom from mid-March.

But since it's unlikely that they'll all bloom at once, when is the best time to have a family photo shoot during the spring?

When Is The Best Time Of Year For Bluebell Photos?

Bluebells make a stunning backdrop for photographs, and I always think that nature saves the best for last, as they usually don’t bloom until mid-April to late-May. We never know exactly when they will bloom during this window, so it’s always exciting when they do!

When Does Wisteria Usually Bloom?

My neighbours have Wisteria growing in their garden, and it’s always such a pretty sight to see when it comes into bloom. Wisteria flowers between April and June, so depending on the year, you may see it during a spring photo shoot or a summer one.Rule of Thirds Photography-47


So When is the Best Month for a Spring Family Photo Shoot?

As you can see there is huge variety in when the different spring flowers bloom, and of course there will be variations in date each year depending on the weather.

Generally speaking though, if you would like some spring flowers in your family photographs I suggest booking a shoot between mid April and mid-May.

During this time we should have a choice of locations with spring plants and flowers in bloom, and hence some lovely backdrops for your photographs. Importantly, we usually have warmer, drier weather by April and May which makes for a relaxed comfortable photo shoot too!


Is March A Good Time For Spring Family Photos?

You might be wondering whether March is a good time for spring family photographs? After all, daffodils and blossom are usually in bloom then.

At the time of writing I’ve been photographing families outdoors for more than 8 years, and only once in this time have I experienced a dry, sunny March. Usually I find that the weather in March is unpredictable, and often cold and wet. This is why I recommend April and May for spring shoots instead.


Ready To Plan Your Spring Family Photo Shoot?

I hope you’ve found this article helpful as you plan your outdoor photo shoot. Spring is one of the most popular times for family photographs, and so I recommend booking your shoot a few months ahead.

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