The Best Clothes To Wear For Lavender Family Photos

the best clothes to wear for lavender family photo shoot

If you’re planning a family photo shoot in Surrey’s stunning lavender fields, one of the first things your mind might turn to is what you should wear. 

What you wear for photographs can really change the way they look and feel. Depending on the location, the colour and style can bring everything together and ensure we see the people first rather than the clothes. Conversely, the colour and style of clothes can also make pictures look busy and distract the viewer’s attention away from the people you want them to see.

So, how do you choose which colours and clothes to wear? In this article explain how you can choose colours and clothes that give your photographs a cohesive look and feel. I’ll cover:

  • How to choose your outfits for outdoor family photos
  • What colours to wear for summer family photos
  • The colours you should avoid in summer family photos
  • Tips for including patterned
  • Being prepared for all temperatures


Choosing an outfit for your lavender family photo shoot

Regardless of the location the basics of dressing for an outdoor family photo shoot still apply, and you can read about these in my guide to what to wear for an outdoor family photo shoot

In summary, the basic principles are:

  1. Dress for your environment
  2. Dress everyone for the same weather and occasion
  3. Choose 3-4 colours to build everyone’s outfits around
  4. Embrace layers and textures
  5. Avoid pictures and slogans on clothing
  6. Make sure your children’s clothes fit well


Read the full article here: What to Wear for an Outdoor Family Photography Session.

The Best Colours To Wear For A Lavender Family Photo Shoot

When you’re planning what your family will wear for any photo shoot, I recommend choosing a maximum of three to four colours to base your outfits around. This will help you to achieve a polished and cohesive look.

This doesn’t mean you all need to wear the same thing. The idea behind choosing a colour palette is that the colours of your outfits will complement each other, and look cohesive without obviously matching.

In the lavender fields, you can’t go wrong with a soft, muted palette. Some colours you could include are white, soft greys, creams, and blue. Navy blue and blue denim can also work well.

You could also add a a pop of brighter colour – for example a bold purple can work well against the purple hues of the lavender.

Here are some examples of how you could coordinate colours for your family for your lavender photo shoot:

what to wear for a lavender photo shoot

Colours to avoid in your lavender family photo shoot

Whilst a pop of bold colour can look lovely, too many bright colours, or very intense colours can be overpowering. 

It’s best to avoid bright neon colours and black clothing. These colours add a lot of contrast to your photographs, and can be quite overpowering.

We want your beautiful family to be the main focus of the photographs, not the clothing. Sticking to a softer colour palette with an optional pop of (non-neon) colour will make sure that’s the case.


Be Prepared For Hotter and Cooler Weather

Since we’re relying on the Great British Weather, it could end up being 30ºC or 18ºC on the day of your lavender family photo shoot. With this in mind it’s helpful to run through everyone’s outfit choices and make sure they’re ready for all temperatures.

For example, if your outfit includes a cardigan or jumper, would you be comfortable taking it off? Make sure you’re wearing something underneath that you’re happy to be photographed in too.

Similarly, if you’re wearing a short-sleeved or sleeveless top, what’s your plan for cooler weather? Do you have a cardigan or jacket that will still complement your outfit and the family colour scheme?


In Summary: What To Wear For Your Lavender Family Photo Shoot

I hope that you find this guide helpful as you prepare for your summer family photo shoot. In summary, here are the principles to follow:

  1. Choose 3-4 complementary colours to build your family’s outfits from
  2. Soft colours work well, as can a pop of colour
  3. Avoid bold colours, neon and black
  4. Be prepared for all temperatures – be prepared to layer up or down depending on the weather

You may also find it helpful to see real-life examples of what works when you’re deciding what to wear:

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