My Favourite Christmas Books for Toddlers

Best Christmas Books For Toddlers - 1As we approach Christmas, one of most enjoyable parts of our days has been reading Christmas stories at bedtime. This year is my daughter’s third Christmas, and we’ve accumulated a nice collection of Christmas books over the last few years. So on the blog today I’m sharing our favourite Christmas books for toddlers.


Christmas for Greta and Gracie

This is a recent addition to our collection, and my daughter’s favourite book at the moment. It tells the story of Greta and Gracie as they prepare for Christmas. Greta, the older sister is very chatty and Gracie is the younger, quiet one. This balance works very well until Christmas Eve when little Gracie meets someone very special, which leaves Greta lost for words.


Best Christmas Books For Toddlers - 2

Alfie’s Christmas

This book is really nostalgic for me, as we had a lot of Alfie books as I was growing up. I don’t think we ever knew this particular book when I was a child, but my mum bought it for my daughter this year and we have really enjoyed reading it. It tells the story of Alfie, his younger sister Annie-Rose and their parents as they prepare for and celebrate Christmas. From opening their advent calendar, to buying a gift for mum, it’s a really sweet story.


Best Christmas Books For Toddlers - 3

Busy Christmas

We have a lot of Busy Books, and this one was really popular with my daughter last Christmas, when she was 19 months old. She seems to have outgrown it a bit this year, so I’d suggest it’s best for younger children. Like all of the Busy Books, this one has lots of pull tabs, and ‘lift the flap’ pages to keep your little one engaged as they see the preparations for Christmas day.


Best Christmas Books For Toddlers - 4

The Christmas Fairy

This lovely book tells the story of Clara, a fairy who longs to be a Christmas fairy who can stand on top of the Christmas tree. Unfortunately she’s not very good at standing still, being sensible or quiet – all the qualities of a Christmas fairy. Luckily Santa has a special job for her, which puts her other talents to great use and brings a smile to everyone’s face.


Best Christmas Books For Toddlers - 5

The Polar Express

This classic book is one from my childhood and one that my daughter has just started to enjoy this year. It tells the story of a young boy who boards a train, and goes on a magical journey to the North Pole.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of books. What other Christmas Books are favourites in your house? I’d love to hear – let me know in the comments below.

Clare Murthy

Clare Murthy

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