What Are The Benefits of Hiring A Professional Family Photographer?

benefits of hiring professional photographerPhotography is so much more accessible today than it was 20 years ago – lower prices on digital SLRs, and the amazing features on our phone cameras mean that we can all take photographs whenever we want.

So, if you can take photographs yourself, or have a friend with a good camera do you really need a professional photographer to take your family photographs?

Here are 5 benefits of hiring a professional photographer to photograph your family:

benefits of hiring professional photographer

1. They can get the best out of your children.

One of the most common concerns I hear from parents before their shoot is a worry that their children ‘won’t behave.’ A professional family photographer will have hundreds of hours of experience of photographing families, children and babies. This means they know how to get the best from children, and work with them to capture those gorgeous, natural expressions that you’re after.

benefits of hiring professional photographer

They know how to capture your family at their best

Taking a great portrait isn’t just about understanding the settings on a camera. It’s also about light, posing, composition, location, clothing, props and style. Professional photographers live and breathe this stuff, and have learned the craft of bringing these items together to create great photographs, and make sure they capture your family at their best.

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They’ll know the best locations

If you’re hoping to have your photo shoot outdoors, the location will be very important – where you go will have a huge impact on the look and feel of your photographs. A professional photographer who is experienced at working outdoors will be able to tell you about different locations and the benefits of each – helping to make sure your photographs have the look you are after.

benefits of hiring professional photographer

The Experience

Having a professional photography session isn’t just about spending an hour or two with a photographer and having your photograph taken. It’s about the whole experience – from planning the session, to viewing, choosing and deciding what to do with your photographs, all with a professional on hand. It’s a bit like the difference between trying to design and fit your kitchen yourself, or going to a company who will help you design it to your specification, and fit it all for you.

benefits of hiring professional photographer

You can be in the photographs

Finally, one of the most important benefits of hiring a professional photographer for your family photos is that you can be in the photographs. Aside from a few selfies, it’s quite likely that you or your partner is always missing from your photographs, since one of you always has to be behind the camera. This is true for my family – it’s usually me not in the photographs – so it’s important to us to have professional photographs taken periodically so we can all be in them together.


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