A Newborn Photo Shoot With An 8 Week Old Baby Girl

8 week old newborn photo shoot

I’m delighted to share this beautiful baby girl’s older newborn session with you today. She was eight weeks old when she came to my studio for her session along with her mum and dad.

Most of the time I photograph newborn babies who are aged two weeks or younger. At this age babies are typically very sleepy and settled. They’re also flexible and enjoy curling up into the foetal positions they were in inside the womb. This means they’re usually settled and relaxed during their newborn session, and comfortable in many different newborn photography poses.

After two weeks, babies typically start to spend longer periods awake, uncurl, stretch out and grow larger. As these changes happen the likelihood increases that a baby may not be able to manage all of the poses, and may spend long periods of time during the session awake.

However, it is possible to create beautifulphotographs of newborn babies after two weeks of age, and that’s exactly what we did at this baby girl’s older newborn session.

newborn photographs of 8 week old baby

At an older newborn session I focus on two things; photographs of the new baby on their own, and family photographs. Every session is slightly different and tailored to each baby. At 3 weeks of age a baby will typically spend more of the session asleep than at 8 weeks. But every baby is different, and I’ll follow their lead. 

This baby girl was awake when she arrived, so I started by photographing her awake. Her parents had brought a gorgeous pink headband which complemented the wraps perfectly, so we started with a couple of pictures with her wearing it.

Once she settled down to sleep I was able to capture some sleepy photographs and all of her gorgeous little details. And finally it was time for some photographs with her parents.

8 week old newborn photo shoot baby girl

8 week old newborn portraits london

I hope that you’ve enjoyed seeing the highlights from this baby girl’s older newborn session.

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